April 18, 2020

As we are in lockdown, it means I have watched quite a bit of TV! I am currently binge watching SKY & Netflix likes its going out of fashion. There is something about getting cosy on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of tea and the remainder of the Easter chocolate and forgetting about what’s going on outside. With that in mind I thought I would share with you some binge worthy box sets that you may enjoy amid the COVID-19 lockdown!


Ok, firstly, this is a program that I ave not yet finished (two episodes left) I am pretty shocked by the end of each episode. I say shocked, just speechless. It’s a documentary exclusively to Netflix which is oddly a weird distraction to what’s going on in the world. I do find they are all a bunch of misfits, including Carol bloody Baskin. I think generally they are all the same and are making money out of the exploration of breeding big cats. Its really quite sad when you actually think about what they doing. But its somehow got us forgetting about what’s actually happening in the world and has us all talking and asking, what actually happened to Don Lewis?!


When this first aired in 2018 I was hooked from the first season. I have been a huge fan of Lennie James since his Line of Duty and Walking Dead days, so I was expecting big things and it didn’t really disappoint. Once the first season aired and finished I hopped on Google to find out when and if there would be a season two (as you do) and there was, but it had not even started to be written so it would be a long wait to see how Nelly would cope going forward.

This month Sky Atlantic dropped season two so I caught up with season one in two days and binged watched season two over three. It really didn’t disappoint and again I was back on Google to see if there will be a third season, and I’m pleased to say there will!¬†A brief synopsis if you are interested in watching, Nelson “Nelly” Rowe, a down-and-out whose life is turned upside down when Jody, the estranged daughter he fathered thirteen years ago, mysteriously disappears.


It’s been a long month of adverts for this programme. ITV really pushed it months in advance so feels like we were waiting ages for this to air. I remember this scandal like it was yesterday. The portrayal of the whole drama on ITV left me feeling sorry for the Ingram’s, which I didn’t want to! The drama (and that’s just what it was) made you think they were innocent. If I had not done a wikipedia search on them I would off felt they had been mistaken and it was just all a big sorry mess. But after researching them I came to realise that actually they probably were guilty and the events that happened after the show prove that! One thing for sure was, Michael Sheen’s portrays of Chris Tarrant was brilliant.


This is quite old now, think it was first aired in February but before lockdown started the girls in the office were talking about it so I have had it on my watch list. Its based on Essex Police murder team solving murders that have happened across the county. As I am from Essex, its so strange seeing familiar sights and knowing I have been to these places makes it even more surreal. It’s a really well put together documentary. I find it fascinating how they put tiny pieces of evidence together and get the answers. One episode is just heartbreaking and actually at the beginning you think what the actual hell, but by the end your actually feeling quite sorry for the man in question.


Another weird and whacky Netflix programme. A experiment to find out if love really is blind. I found this really cringeworthy and thinking does this really happen? After two days your proposing and after three your declaring your love?! Really!?!? It was still binge worthy TV at its best and had the whole nation talking! I am glad they did a reunion show as I am always intrigued to know how they all end up. Some very smug contestants though!


This had me hooked from the get go. I watched it a while back but is too good not to share. This is a Netflix exclusive so you can only watch if your subscribed, but I would definitely recommend. It made me so cross and had me shouting at the screen. Based on a true story. When a teen reports being raped, then recants her story, two female detectives follow evidence that could reveal the truth. The 3 main cast are outstanding, really was a good watch.

Have you watched any of the programmes I’ve recommended? I would love to know what you think if you have? Leave me a comment below and if you have any recommendations then please do le me know!

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