July 20, 2019

I’m going to start off with, I must be the worst blogger ever at the moment. Its been a weird few months and I feel like I just need to let all out and hopefully get my life back into some sort of routine.

I live by routine, but I just cannot for the life of me adjust to working parent. With that in mind, the thing I grew to love has just been swept aside and forgotten about. I started off the year with so much promise for the blog. I had a massive overhaul, changed the name and got to a point where I was happy and then, boom, I just forgot about it.

When I say forgot, I mean life just got in the way. My hours changed at work and I I will quite honestly say, I struggled with the adjustment. I would and still do drop Gracie and Henry at school head straight for work, leave work and head straight back to pick them up. It then goes a bit like this, get home prep dinner, bath Gracie and Henry, have dinner, prep lunches and so on. In between all of that I still manage (albeit not very well) to keep everything at home running, cleaning, washing etc..

I am not moaning, I just feel overwhelmed with it all and I struggle. I’ve not worked for 10 years, and going from not really doing much to now not having time to go to the toilet is a little bit of a culture shock. I manage though and I think I am doing a pretty good job.

One thing I have really let myself down on is this little space of mine. I just have not kept up with blogging and I feel guilty. I feel like I made this little space of mine and I have just given up with it. Yes, I did actually think I would jack it all in.

That, however is something I do not want to do. This space is where I can just get everything out. I really don’t do it for the clicks, or the reads. I do it because I love it. I’ll never, ever be in the league of some. Its hard bloody work posting constantly, finding content ideas and keeping up with it all. I have decided to take the pressure off, just be real and sensible when it comes to updating my blog. I don’t see myself as blogging for the sake of it. I’ve always wanted to blog honestly and because I want to.

I have a few posts coming up, regular ones and then just ones where I may babble about life. We have a busy few months ahead, but with the summer holidays fast approaching and my hours reducing whilst the children are off, I am hoping I will be able to slip back into blogging with ease.


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  • Reply Rachelswirl July 26, 2019 at 09:32

    It is hard and I too have had moments where I have felt like just jacking it in. I feel like ‘who even reads my rambles?!’ …
    Then I get a moment to myself and realise I want to write, my blog calls…
    If you need any help eg hosting etc for things which might be too much give me a shout x

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