January 3, 2022

Hello 2022 and welcome to my first post of the  new year. 

I decided to sit down and reflect on some of the moments throughout 2021. Although we had some kind of normality throughout the year, it still felt like the aftermath of 2020 was still hanging over us all. Saying that 2021 was completely different in the way we did things. 

Looking forward to the coming year, it still feels very unpredictable and the pressure of all the what ifs is hanging heavy. I think the best thing to do is just do what makes us feel comfortable as a family, make the most of the days out, spending quality time together and hopefully trying new things. So without to much waffling here are our collection of moments from 2021


Even though I worked from home, when homeschooling was announced at the start of 2021 it all seemed a little too much. It was definitely a strange time, again but as each week passed it seemed to get easier. The routine was made and we all made it through. I’ll admit, it’s not something I want to do in a hurry again, it was hard and the lack of learning g throughout 2020 / 2021 was evidently shown. It’s definitely a period of our lives that we will never forget. 

As well as homeschooling we were able to spend some quality time as a family during the second lockdown, it was familiar, we had previous experience of being in a lockdown. We took days off, not sticking to the school day, we went for walks and enjoyed each other’s company. Fleur was overjoyed to have us all at home and generally the second lockdown was a lot more pleasant than the first. One memory that firmly sticks out this year is our snow day. James made a sledge and we went for a winter walk and just had fun. It was a gorgeous day and one that will firmly stay with me. 


The year I became a parent to a teenager. It still feels like only yesterday I bought a 10lb baby home. Gracie made me a parent and I could not be more proud of the young girl she is becoming. Thankfully we were able to celebrate, we made a weekend of it. Celebrating with family, which felt absolutely wonderful and very much normal.


The summer saw us head away. After having our holiday cancelled in 2020 we were definitely uncertain if we would make it away. Center Parcs is my happy place and it only felt real when we were pulling up to park the car. It was definitely the break we all needed and it was utter bliss. We spent 7 days with family and it’s the longest we had spent together in nearly a year and a half. 

As well as our holiday we made the most of days out and celebrations. We had a glorious day out at Port Lymph wildlife park, we popped on a train to London, celebrated anniversary’s, went on woodland walks and had some lovely family days out. Summer was good and although the threat of covid was still there, we all seemed to relax a little. 


2021 was the year of big birthdays, first Henry turned 10, double digits. He turned 10 just as lockdown eased so although we didn’t do anything special we were able to make it semi normal for him. He chose a friend to go out for dinner with and then had them back to play. It felt strange after a year a half having someone in the house but it was a small sign of things getting back to normal. 


One thing I am grateful for this year was an early morning dog walk with a friend. It’s kept me sane. We walk everyday with the pooches and Fleur has most definitely come to love seeing her fur-friend. If she doesn’t go, Fleur definitely has a little down day. It sets me up and it’s my favourite time of day. I’ve seen many a beautiful sunrises and some have just been incredible. Something I wish to continue throughout 2022

We have made some wonderful memories through 2021. I am so excited to continue making many more throughout the coming year.

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