July 28, 2019

This post has been a long time coming. We moved into our home 5 years ago this summer. Our first big job was the garden. Its was concrete heaven and we had plans to demolish it and lay down turf, build a patio area and have some beds full of flowers. We also decided that after being cooped up in a flat, Gracie and Henry totally deserved a climbing frame to enjoy.

We succeeded and in the first few months of moving in, we managed to get the garden to a point where we thought we were happy. Roll round each summer and we would also find ourselves making small changes. The turf never really took and it was always really muddy and very patchy. We were never happy with it and the dog, would constantly bring in mud which really annoyed me every time.

This year, after me working for a few months we decided to get the garden to how we wanted it. We kept the basis of the layout the same. We changed the flower beds, so one was raised which works so much better. The other flower bed we had, we kept, but finished it off to match the raised bed.

We had some railway sleepers that supported the patio and finished off the children’s play area, so we replaced those as the old ones were a bit rotten. We then finished it off by removing all the turf and laying astro turf. By far the best decision we made. We should of done it 5 years ago, but we liked the idea of real grass. It just didn’t work. I am so pleased with the turf, it finishes the garden off and its so much easier with a dog.

Lastly we had a small water feature which we removed. We created a new one in the raised bed, I say we, I mean James. Its definitely the finishing touch the garden needed. I love the sound of running water and sitting outside when its all quiet is just lovely.  The birds love it and we have an abundance of new birds coming into the garden for a bath!

The finishing touches really tie it all together. We bought some pretty lights and a new patio set (which was a bargain, and from Aldi!) We also popped up a bird feeder, and bought some lovely ornaments to make a very lovely fairy garden. It’s definitely a nicer space to be.

We kept all our old plants, we moved them about and bought a few more to fill in some gaps. I now have a rather lovely ball Hydrangea, we also bought a new tree (its called¬†Flamingo Willow Salix integra ‘Hakuro-nishiki’) which fits in the garden well and is so me. We finished of the pots with some lovely bedding plants, which I intend to plant bulbs in, in the autumn so they flower in spring.

I am so happy with it and I am so thankful that James did it all himself. I adore the fact it feels like an extra room.There is so much I love about it. It’s a lovely space, and I cannot wait to be spending summer evenings out there under the umbrella sipping a cocktail or two.

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