September 15, 2019

So it begins. It felt like yesterday I was viewing primary schools for Gracie. How an earth has it come to this? This week saw me visit the first of many senior schools. Still can’t quite get my head round the fact I have a child that is old enough for senior school! 

To be honest I started looking last September as the school I (read she) wants to go to was doing a huge talk about a new school that would be opening up in September 2019. That never happened and that school still doesn’t exist and most likely will not be ready for when Gracie starts next year. She still wants to attend the school we visited. It’s a nice school, very big and is very popular. One downside is we have no catchment school within our area so whatever school I put down we may not get. 

This week started the search to look at other potential senior schools and it’s bloody scary. We took ourself of to an open evening and I was pleasantly surprised. Literally blew me away. The school was pretty amazing. The facilities they had, the fact he staff were passionate about the children.To top it off the head teachers speech was impressive. I left thinking this could be a contender. Gracie liked it and although it’s not catchment it’s a 15 minute walk away. Not exactly where I would like it to be, but you can’t have everything. 

It will be a contender, I’ve only looked at two schools, but it’s definitely top three. In our borough we have to list 6 schools (not too sure if it’s the same across all boroughs) . We don’t have many local too choose from. This school is definitely one I can see Gracie attending. She still wants to go to the first choice but I feel easier knowing that if we didn’t get that and hot this particular school, I would be happy. 

We are viewing another 4 schools over the coming weeks. 2 are well out of our catchment, but like I said, we need to fill 6 choices. The last years intake for senior schools were pretty horrendous with some parents not getting any of there choices so I’m feeling extremely anxious about the final decision! Only time will tell, and although I don’t want to wish the next few months away, I am eager to find out which will be our accepted school. 

How are you finding the senior school search? Are you finding it just as overwhelming? 

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  • Reply RachelSwirl September 27, 2019 at 21:22

    Wow! It sounds daunting for you guys – We have TWO schools in our catchment area really , one of which is a five minute walk away and the other a thirty-minute bus ride away…
    My son has his heart set on the thirty-minute bus ride away as the school is lovely (and also where I went to as a kid) but the likelihood is that he will get into the other which is where his Dad happens to work so it’s not all bad.

    I wish we had more to choose from like yourself!

    • Reply Anna-Marie September 28, 2019 at 08:59

      Yes, very daunting! Its just happened so quickly!!

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