September 2, 2019

When I dabbled with vlogging, I used to love talking about my favourites from the month. They are ones I always enjoy watching. My vlogging experience wasn’t fun though and I actually hated talking on camera, so it was very short lived. But I wanted to start up a favourites post and talk about the things I have loved or loving recently. So here is are a few favourites from August.


Decleor  – I bought some rather lovely facial products this month. A Cleansing Milk and a Toner. I am useless when it comes to a skin regime but I have been keeping on top of it and using both these items together. They leave my face feeling really smooth and really hydrated. I do it once a day but I think I should be doing morning and evening. Just need to remember!

Elizabeth Arden (Untold) – I got this perfume for Christmas and I use it sparingly because I love it. Smells so good with hints of pink pepper, bergamot, pear and cassis, egyptian jasmine and gardenia. I am glad it was bought as a present as I don’t think it would f been one I would have chosen.

Scholl Blister Plaster –  I have worn these so much this month and they have been a godsend. Ive been walking a lot and the blisters I have are just awful. In between my toes, base of my feet, heels. You name it a spare space on my foot has had at least one blister on it this month!


Dresses – A few months ago, I bought some new clothes. Skirts, tops and some dresses. I have never been a skirt or dress gal, but I have been living in a particular dress throughout July. Its so lovely, and works well with my office wear. Definitely the best purchase of the summer.


Asda Popcorn – This has to be the best popcorn going. I particularly like the sweet and salted bag. Managed to polish a whole bag off to myself the other day! Once I stared I juts couldn’t stop!

Chilly Water Bottle – I was bought a water bottle this month and its changed my life. I don’t tend to drink much during the day. If I do then its tea. One thing I like about this water bottle, is it keeps the contents really cold. I like ice cold water and this has helped with my water intake.


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