April 19, 2020

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that we would be locked down in our own homes. It’s so strange not waking up and just making a spur of the moment decision to just go out for the day, because we can’t. To not have the routine of doing the school run or going to work is just peculiar.

Our lives have changed dramatically over the past few weeks and trying to find the normal is hard. I mentioned on Instagram last week that I am such a homey person. Much preferring to being in the comfort of my own home. I always have. I used to look forward to the weekend where I could just wind down from the week.

That has changed and although I still like being at home, being in lockdown has changed my outlook. It’s hard being in all the time and it really challenges you. We have made a conscious effort to get out daily. The daily walks started when lockdown commenced. We spend a good 40 minutes walking the dog and just breathing in the air.

As a family we look forward to the walk. After dinner, we get the pooch and a ball and we head out for a walk. Although I am ashamed to say it’s taken a lockdown to get us out daily to spend time together. We talk, we laugh, we run and we play. It’s definitely something we will continue once lockdown is lifted.

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