March 1, 2020

I look forward to Fridays. Its the last working day and it marks the beginning of the weekend. Friday nights also consist of swimming and curry. Definitely my favourite night of the week.

Henry was never ever a fan of Friday night. Last year, it was such a struggle to get him to swimming. He would wake in the morning and make an excuse as to why he couldn’t go. This year, he has been completely different. He has thrown himself into swimming whole heartedly and he has surprised me at how well he has persisted with it.

All of a sudden, he has mastered the technique and swims brilliantly. I’ll admit, I didn’t think I would ever be saying it. Last year, he would not even try, he would constantly hang on, and have a float. He is now jumping in, swimming in the middle of the pool without aides and manages to do it consistently without stopping. He actually looks forward to Friday nights. Which makes me look forward to them. I used to see it as a chore, he hated it, I hated it. Now, I see it as me and him time, he enjoys it and I enjoy watching.

On the drive home, we talk about how well he is doing, how he can improve and how excited he is for the next lesson. Im super proud of him, he is doing amazingly and is eager to learn. It’s become an evening I look forward to. I love watching him improve and he improves weekly. Definitely making me a super proud mum!

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