February 9, 2020

9 days late, but I feel like I needed to continue with it anyway. I promised myself at the beginning of the year I would blog more and be consistent. The past few weeks have been pretty intense and busy, but I am excited to head into February and enjoy what the month has in store

Hospital visits

This month potentially sees me being discharged from one of my skin cancer clinics. Its been a long 5 years, but hopefully it’s will soon be coming to an end. I always get so nervous before hand, but hopefully it will be good news and they can discharge me. If thats the case, I will have only one more appointment towards the end of the year to attend. All the excited, nervous feels at the moment.

Another new job

Last month I mentioned I had moved to a different department within my work. I was really excited to try something new. It didn’t actually work out, the hours just didn’t work. Something else came up though and this month I will move into a new role, bigger and much more suited to me. Its really exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time but I am going to throw myself into it. This week is my first proper week flying solo within the role!

getting out more

Apart from today (we are currently in the midst of a storm) the weather seems to have turned. It feels a tad warmer and there is a hint of spring approaching. I really want to start getting out more now I can see a change in the weather.When its cold and miserable, you just want to stay indoors, in the warm. ┬áIt’s a nice way to spend time together as family.

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