January 1, 2020

As part of my 2020 goals, I am kicking off with a new monthly post. I really like writing these, because it reminds me of some of the things I can expect coming up in the month ahead. January is a quiet month for us. The lull after Christmas gets everyone and makes us all a bit gloomy. There are a few things coming up this month, that I can look forward too.

A new Job

Well, technically it’s the same job, but different role. I have moved departments at work. I am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it. It’s still very much admin based, but working with a particular client and I am all set to start. I have covered the department many times, so I know how it all works, but to actually work on there full time and take control is very exciting. Its good to know exactly what you need to do when you walk in the office.


This month we are celebrating our 13th year wedding anniversary. Cannot quite believe it, but truthfully its been the best 13 years. We have achieved so much and I still get butterflies every time James walks in the room. We don’t have any plans set in stone yet as to what we will do, but I think it will most likely include a curry and an alcoholic beverage! Definitely my kind of celebration.


Bit of a weird one to look forward to, but I am really eager and excited to pay off a huge balance of a very special trip we have planned. Once it’s paid, we can really start planning. It’s been a long time coming and although its bad timing having to pay it all off after Christmas, it’s exciting all the same. It means, its really happening and I am super excited for the months ahead.



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