June 1, 2020

It seems that I have not sat down and typed up a “hello” post in quite some time. Actually, come to think of it, the last time I did write one was at the beginning of lockdown. We have not really been looking forward much, because well, there isn’t really much we can do! June brings us hope though so I thought I would get a few things down that will be happening this month.


In just 15 days I will have a nine year old! Henry’s birthday falls in the middle of the month. It will most definitely be a birthday we never forget. Plans are on hold and celebrating with family, which we would normally do isn’t going to happen. We will make it fun for him and a lockdown birthday isn’t all that bad! Luckily we ordered his presents quite some time ago, because we were a bit concerned about deliveries!

The New Normal

This month sees the schools reopen for certain year groups. Gracie falls into this category so will be heading back to school. Its strange, I am 80% ok with her going back, but obviously there is that little bit of doubt within me that’s holding back ever so slightly. Circumstances and the wellbeing of Gracie means we think it would be good for her to go back. Everyone has their own opinion and for us as a family, we think this is the right decision.

Summer Garden Vibes

May was glorious and I am hoping throughout June the warmer weather sticks. I think although lockdown has been hard, the weather has been key. It’s been so nice to spend time in the garden. Imagine if it rained the whole 10 weeks! That really would not have been good. Obviously the warmer weather tempts people to spread further afield, so I am hoping this doesn’t happen.


With Gracie heading back to school I will still have Henry at home to homeschool. I am potentially heading back into the office as well. Its quite stressful thinking how I will juggle it all. I will only be able to go into the office when James is at home. He is lucky enough to work 4 days weeks through the summer months. So with him off one day a week I can head to the office. It will be strange, but the little signs of normality is giving me so much hope!

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