June 1, 2019

How on earth are we 6 months into the year already? I mean I can’t quite believe it. In January, June seemed so far away, but here we are, half way through the year! June is a pretty busy month, we already have a few things planned and I am really looking forward to the month ahead. Without too much waffling, here is what June has in store for us.

Birthday Celebrations

Henry turns eight this month. EIGHT! Its become a bit of a tradition to have a family BBQ the weekend closet to his birthday. This year is no different. His birthday actually falls on a Saturday which is nice because he then gets to spend with all the family. Not only that, I also said he could have a few friends over the week of his birthday for some food. He has chosen three friends. I don’t do birthday parties for them as such as I find they are too expense, so having his friends over kind of makes up for that!

New Furniture

In May I ordered some new garden furniture. With the bank holiday there was a little delay on the delivery. It arrived yesterday and I am excited to be making the most of it this month. The weather is predicted to be lovely this month {from what I can see} It finishes the garden off and I am excited to be spending the summer months making the most of all our hard work. Its been a long process, and we have just never got it right, but I think this year the garden has finally come together and the furniture completes it.

New Car

June is the month we pick up our new car. We have been wanting one for a long time. Our car is 10 years old, its due a service which could potentially be quite expensive so we decided now was the time to chop it in. It’s served us well, but I am totally in love with our new one. We decided to stay with Ford and have been eyeing up this particular one for months. The deal we got was really good, we didn’t buy brand new, we bought one that was a year old. It has everything I wanted on a new car and more so I am really happy! Its a bit bigger than the car we have so I am a bit nervous to drive it, but I am sure I will get used to it!


Gracie has her first residential at school this month. She is really excited. I am excited for her. Its still quite local, less than a hour away so I am feeling pretty calm about it. She is away fro 3 days, 2 nights and at the moment it’s all she talks about. We have a kit list we need to sort out but most of the bits we have. She is still trying to get extra bits out of us, but as she is only away for three days, I don’t see the point in buying it all. I can imagine on the day I will be a blubbering wreck, but for now I am joining in with her excitement.

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