March 2, 2020

How are we in March already? February flew by. It was a quiet month. March n the other hand is an exiting month. We have a few things to look forward to. One big thing, which we are so so excited about. We are all very excited to be heading into March.

A short break away

This month sees us go abroad for the first time as a family! Its something we have wanted to do for so long and finally after me working and us saving we are finally going to pop on a train and head to Disneyland Paris. I am so excited. Gracie and Henry are excited. Its all a bit unknown for us and we have so much we want to do. I am hoping to blog about it when we return for any first timers going. I have found Disney Land Paris blogs invaluable to read over the last few months!

School Places

This month (TODAY) sees us and many others finding out our senior school choice. I am pretty stressed about it but whatever school Gracie gets I am sure she will strive. It’s out of our hands. I am just hoping its either choice one or choice two! fingers crossed we get the answer we want! Good luck to everyone else finding out thier school choice also!


My favourite season is approaching. I adore spring. It’s no coat weather, slightly warmer than winter, lighter mornings and generally a really lovely season. I am just seeing new growth in the garden. We planted bulbs late last year and they are all flowering which is so nice to see. Whats your favourite season?

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