May 1, 2019

I cannot quite believe we are 4 months into 2019 and heading into our 5th. Its seems to be flying by {minus January that absolutely dragged} May is going to be quite a quiet month for us. We have not really got much planned but we may have a few unexpected days out thanks to some bank holiday weekends! Here is what the month has on store for us.


I am walking the Shine walk in September. All in aid of Skin Cancer. 4 years ago I was diagnosed. I have been saying for the past 2 that I wanted to do something to help raise money for Cancer Research. At the beginning of the year a friend and I decided to take part in this mammoth task. I mean walking 27 miles through the night is pretty big. Especially as I love my sleep.

I started the year training well, every other day I would go out and walk at least 5k. Since my hours have changed at work I have not been able to. The last thing I want to do when I get home is walk. I have scheduled in some long walks, over 11 miles each time so I am hoping by the end of the month I would of clocked up a fair few miles. I am pretty nervous about walking it if I am honest, but I will do it and hopefully raise a nice sum of money for Skin Cancer Research.

Bank Holiday Weekends

May brings 2 bank holidays! I mean its something nice to look forward too. 2 long weekend. Now I am working I appreciate the bank holidays more. When I didn’t work, it was just another day. Its nice to have a cheeky 4 day working week with a 3 day weekend. We have no plans at the moment. This bank holiday weekend will be spent in the garden. We are really trying to get it finished before Henrys birthday next month.

Book Deliveries

I promised myself this year I would read more. In the space of 4 months I think I have read about 2 books. This month I have a delivery of books arriving. I did a cheeky order this week. I am looking forward to winding down after a long day with a good book. I will most likely share the books I ordered in a blog post. I am hoping they are here by the weekend! I definitely want to try and read at least one before the end of May {I am a bit of a slow reader!}

Half Term

It only feels like they have just gone back to school after the Easter Holidays. May graces us with half term. I reduce my hours when Gracie and Henry are on their school holidays. So lots to look forward to, shorter days for me and hopefully some family time together. James is off work for the week, so the children have lots to look forward to as well. Hopefully we manage some nice afternoons out once I finish work.

Whatever you’re up to throughout May, I hope you have a wonderful month ahead

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