September 1, 2020

Wow, 8 months in. I realised yesterday that the last monthly post was actually June. Lockdown has well and truly hit the blog hard. It’s been hard to motivate myself to write. The past few months were filled with homeschooling and working from home. It left me a little frazzled if I’m honest. 

We are now back to some kind of norm. The school holidays have been quite the life saver. The chance to relax and take stock of everything. September is a huge month. After 6 months of not going to school we are now preparing to head back. Without too much waffling here is what September has in store us.

New school year 

It feels strange to think I’m just a few short days I will have two children attending two different school. I think Gracie and Henry are both anxious about heading back. Especially after having spent the best part of 5 months studying at home. Gracie is off to senior school and Henry is heading into year 5! It feels very strange that we are now preparing for the termly routine, something we all I think will need to adjust to after being out of a routine for so long!

Him & Me time

James and I have managed to bag ourself some child free days to coincide with the return to school. We both needed to be off to settle Gracie in as I can’t be in two places at once to begin with. Once Gracie knows her way she will be left to walk the school route in her own. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with James, albeit a few hours a day but it means we can catch up on errands and house bits. 

Autumn Days

I cannot wait to welcome autumn this year. I love to wear over sized cardigans and make the house cosy by lighting candles and having the fire roaring before the onset of the colder months. The last few days of August I lit all the candles and it felt like Autumn had arrived early. It’s definitely one of my favourite seasons. 

Hair Appointments 

September finally brings the long awaited hair appointment!! I’m ashamed to say my hair has not had a good cut since October last year! It’s in need of a good cut and restyle. I cannot wait to have it chopped. Somehow I managed to singe the ends with my hair dryer through the lockdown months and have only just managed to get booked in with my hairdresser! Excited is an understatement! 

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