September 1, 2019

How quickly did August pass? I feel like I have blinked once and we are in September! August was lovely, it was a month where we made lots of memories and did so much. Without too much waffling here is what September has in store

New School Year

Gracie and Henry return to school this month. I am ready for it, they on the other hand are not. I’ve been out of routine for 5 weeks and I am ready to get some sort of schedule back in my life. The school term brings that. I live by routine and I have been out of it for too long. I am not so keen about not having them at home though. This has been one of the easiest holidays I have had to deal with. I have enjoyed it, and so have the children. Normally I am a frantic mad women by now, but I think it’s helped I have worked throughout, so its broken it up for me.

Cooler Days

September brings cooler days. The past few months we have experienced some really hot weather and some pretty heavy downpours. I do not cope well in the heat and when it peaked 39° I was a grumpy sweaty mess. My poor ankles have suffered terribly. But I can literally smell Autumn! I am looking froward to the much cooler days. Still weather, where you don’t have to wrap up, but weather where you feel comfortable. Anyone else with me?

Shine Walk 2019

I have spoken honestly about my skin cancer diagnosis on the blog. This month is the month I walk 26 miles through the night to raise money for Cancer Research. I have been training and I won’t lie, its hard. I have a really sore hip from all the walking and I am counting down the weeks to actually get this walk out the way. My aim is to raise money, get it done and then not have to worry about walking in a very long time! Its taken it out of me and I am not ashamed to admit I have struggled physically and mentally.



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