October 2, 2019

Making a house feel like your home can be challenging. Finding ways to make your house feel homely can be even harder if it’s a rental property. There are, however, many changes you can make to your home even if it is a rental property. Here are several things you can do to make your house feel more like home. 

Cushions and blankets can make a difference

Chunky knit blankets and big puffy cushions can make even the most empty spaces feel cosy. If your walls are decorated with neutral colours, you can have even more creative freedom when it comes to including blankets and cushions in your decor. Finding deep colours can make the room feel more homely and comforting. 

Choose sustainable items

Decorating your home with sustainable items can add a more natural and raw feel to it. Surveys suggest that 70% of people think we as individuals are responsible for the future of our environment. Making environmentally friendly choices in your home can make you feel as if you are doing your part. 

No carpet? Get a rug

Rugs are a great way of transforming a living space and can add a touch of colour and comfort. If you are living in a rental home, fitting a carpet will unlikely be an option. With a rug, you can add the feel of comfort that carpet brings, without the permanence. A rug can also look great on top of an old worn-out carpet and really can bring a sense of life back into a tired room. 

Furniture designed by you

When it comes to adding furniture to your home, finding items that offer bespoke options can be a great way to really feel like your home is an expression of your personality. Many companies now offer customisable furniture that allows you to choose the colour and design features to suit you. Choosing vibrant items can make a dull area feel alive. From sofas to coffee tables, bringing your style into the room can make your house feel much more homely. 

Don’t leave the walls bare

Bare walls never make a house feel homely. Adding artwork or pictures can really break up plain walls and bring your personality into the room. Depending on your living situation, you may not be allowed to attach pictures to the walls, if this is the case, why not try posters? Posters can be fastened to the wall with white tack and your landlord will never know they were there. If you are allowed to add picture hangings to your walls, consider creating a photo wall with pictures of friends and family to add a personal touch. 

Create the perfect entertainment system

Entertainment is an important part of life, and having a good entertainment system in your home is often overlooked. This doesn’t mean that you have to set up speakers all over your house, just ensure that you have the basics to make your house feel like a home. Having a television and something you can listen to music on are key parts of a home.

Bring in some greenery

House plants are always a great addition to your home. They often require very little maintenance and you can display them in a variety of pots to suit any decor. House plants are a relatively inexpensive way of bringing some natural life into your home. A large house plant can look great in a corner, and smaller plants are ideal for putting on windowsills and mantelpieces. If you choose varieties of cactus or succulents, your plants will almost take care of themselves, as they require very little water. 

Lighting can create atmosphere

Many people are unaware of the importance lighting has in making a house feel like a home. Lighting can completely transform a space and influence the mood of you and your guests. Make sure that you have a variety of lighting options, including lamps and ceiling lights, and make sure not to make home lighting mistakes. This means not dismissing dimmer switches, as they are an excellent way to control the way a room appears. For example, if you’re having friends over for dinner, dimming the lights over the table can be a nice touch.

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