July 31, 2019

When I dabbled with vlogging, I used to love talking about my favourites from the month. They are ones I always enjoy watching. My vlogging experience wasn’t fun though and I actually hated talking on camera, so it was very short lived. But I wanted to start up a favourites post and talk about the things I have loved or loving recently. So here is are a few favourites from July.


Sensational Nail Kit – I am a terrible nail biter, filthy habit and one I am not proud of. I’ve always used the Primark fake nails, but I have been wearing them for so long my nails have become a little worn. This month I decided to get a gel nail kit. I find that when my nails are painted I don’t tend to bite them. I am really impressed with it. Painting my nails is not my favourite thing to do as I always smudge them. This kit is a god-send and works really well. The first time I applied far too much, I didn’t realise the gel was quite thick, so first try was a little messy. It has continued to please me though and the colours I received in the kit are lovely. Definitely something I am going to get lot of use out of.

Eyebrow Tinting – I detest eyebrows. Hate them with a passion. I always struggle to get them right.  A few months ago I found a product I loved. Was easy to use, but a bit pricey to continuously stock up on. My niece recently told me about a product I could use to tint them myself. That product has been a must for me. Its called Refectocil and I have been loving the results. Really easy to use and lasts for a good few weeks. A lot cheaper than my previous product and getting them done at salon.

Champneys Summer Body Souffle – I love all things Champneys. The collections they do, always sell so amazing. This one in particular is bursting with the fruity notes of summer; peach, mango, orange and passion fruit. I swear by the body souffle. It leaves your skin, soft and silky.


Pretty Skirts – Now I am working, I am branching out and putting the mum uniform to one side. I still occasionally wear jeans to work with a smarter top but I have been wearing more “office like” wear. I purchased a few new skirts, floaty and pretty. Not my normal go-to outfit but I am really enjoying mixing up my wardrobe.

Saltwater Sandals – Gracie and Henry bought me a pair of Saltwater slides for my birthday this month. I blinking love them and I don’t think I have taken them off all month. They are so comfy and I can see them being my go to sandal this summer. I had my concerns as I heard they can be quite tough to wear in. But they wore in really well.


Chevron Blankets – A few years ago I started to crochet a blanket. I didn’t get far and its been in the back of a cupboard ever since. I picked it up again this month and realised why I put it in the cupboard in the first place. I had made a mistake, and I didn’t rectify it and made it ten times worse. So this month I unpicked it all and restarted with a new pattern. A more simpler one. It took me a few attempts to get the first row right, but I did it and I can see me enjoying crocheting again!



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