April 9, 2020

WOW, it’s been a while! So long, I feel like I have forgotten just exactly how to blog. Every time I open the laptop to write, I promptly shut it again and think, maybe tomorrow. The past few weeks have been hard, it has been a huge adjustment to daily life. I have struggled with the lockdown process, but think I have found a happy medium.

We have sacrificed so much over the past few weeks. Some things were not even caused by the lockdown. It feels like I have so much to update you on. March was supposed to be such a good month.

We found out school places, which didn’t end in our favour. I struggled to adjust to the fact we were offered a school we were not entirely happy with. It was hard listening to others react to how pleased they were of getting their first choice, but it was just as hard for us to have a massive blow which didn’t make sense.

We then had the devastating blow that a holiday we had all been looking forward to was cancelled. Disney was a long awaited dream for us. We had it booked for the end of March and the week before we decided to take the refund and book again at a later date. As adults that’s hard to come to terms with, but to tell children that you had been psyching up for months that we wouldn’t be going was heartbreaking.

March also bought Lockdown which was a huge adjustment for us all. Shutting down schools and adjusting to working from home and homeschooling was pretty intense. The last two weeks of March were hard. James comes under a high risk category so is currently of work, which has helped us loads. I am not 100% sure how I would off coped on my own homeschooling and working. Don’t get me wrong, I would off, but it’s been easier having him at home.

There are so many things we took for granted before all of this. Just popping to the shops now has become a chore, having to queue constantly for food is tiresome and you can’t just pop in and get bread, you have to line up and wait for at least 40 minutes. The way we love has changed dramatically.

I think I have found a happy medium in the way we are living. Its really strange times. We will talk about this when we are old, to our grandchildren, we can say we lived through it. It was hard, but we made it and we got through it. I cannot wait for the day we can say we did it, we made it. But until then stay safe and keep well.




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