October 25, 2019

Hello and welcome back to a new little loves round-up!

October has been a miserable month. The weather has been awful and its reflected my mood. Its been non-stop, but it finishes on a good note, as we are now officially on half term (as of last week!) I have had a really chilled week off with the children and it was very much needed before the rush of the next few months.

Without too much waffling, here is my Little Loves for the month of October


Every month I say I’m going to try better with reading and I just never do. I’m finding it really hard to find time to pick up a book that I actually want to to read or even enjoy. Anyone else ever feel like this? 

I did read a quite few blog posts this month though. Katie Ellison (otherwise known as mummy daddy me) wrote about why there is still life left in blogging. Katie’s blog was one of the first I ever read all those years ago and although she concentrates in YouTube more these days, I do look forward to her blog posts. She has also had a rebrand and it looks lovely! 


I Love You, Now Die (SKY Crime) – This was such an interesting watch. I’m still torn over the verdict as I’m just not sure how they can convict someone without actual evidence. But then the other half of me thinks she played a part so maybe deserved the outcome. If you have watched it I would love to know your thoughts? 

Coronation Street (ITV) – The only soap I watch. Its currently got all my emotions, a really heartbreaking storyline playing out and it gets me every time I watch it. 

Harry & Meghan an African Adventure (ITV) – I think I was one of many to tune in and watch this. Harry has always been my favourite and I think he puts up with a lot of crap. He is really trying, and I think the media and slowly crushing him and Meghan. It’s devastating to watch him talk about Diana and the worries he has for Meghan. Those that are critiquing them so much really need to stop and start supporting. 

X-Factor Celebrities (ITV) – Totally trash TV, but it’s worth it. I’m surprised at some of the competition to be honest. All that are taking part are actually really good. Not too sure Nicole made the right choice for the Live shows but, you know I’m no expert in vocals! 

Amazon Prime – I ordered some Halloween bits on Amazon and decided to try out a 30 day trial of Prime. I’ve been binge watching Greys Anatomy ever since. You can’t go wrong with a little update from Grey Sloan Memorial. I would love some Prime Show recommendations if you have any!


Heels – I am more of a flat shoe kind of person, but I dug out the heeled boots this month for work. Gracie made a comment that I was actually taller than her when I was wearing them so thats saying something! It felt nice not to be in flats constantly.

Raincoats – Urgh, this weather has been awful. Wet, windy and cold. I’m adamant we have skipped Autumn and headed straight for Winter. I think I have managed 2 dry school runs throughout October! 

Cosy Blankets – I’ve spent every evening of October snuggled on the sofa with a big chunky blanket. The evenings have become that big chillier and blankets and fires have got me through them. 


Maroon 5 – Been playing Maroon 5 newest song Memories, on repeat for the last few weeks. It’s definitely an easy playing song. 


Birthday Cake – it wasn’t anything mind blowing, but it was James Birthday at the beginning of the month so I made a Victoria Sponge.. A week late! We were so busy the weekend before and the week off I just didn’t have time. I still made one, which was better than nothing. 

Shepherds Pie – Not one of James favourite meals, but one of mine. I tend to not tell him when we have it because he likes to moan about it. Autumn brings all my favourite kind of dinners. Stews, Casseroles, Pies.. Yum! 


This week I had to have some investigation work done on me. After my walk in September I have been struggling with joint pain in my knees. When I was younger I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and although it eased off I don’t think the walk has helped. I was sent for an x-ray and I’ve got to get some bloods done. I’m hoping in a few weeks I will have some answers. 

This month marked World Mental Health Day. I saw so much on social media in support of it. mental Health is so important and I am so pleased that awareness is being made. 

“The truth is, none of us really know how much somebody else is hurting. We could be standing right next to someone who is completely broken and have no idea. Always be kind”

I am looking forward to seeing you all link up! Have a wonderful month ahead.

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  • Reply RachelSwirl October 25, 2019 at 11:34

    The weather really hasn’t been much fun this month has it. Raincoats have been out here too! I haven’t watched Greys Anatomy yet but I’ll add it to my list… Thanks for hosting x

    • Reply Anna-Marie October 26, 2019 at 06:23

      You should definitely watch Greys Anatomy! One of my favourites and I only watched it as a recommendation through Little Loves and I’m hooked. Definitely rain coat weather, doesn’t seem to be letting up either! The rain is just constant!

  • Reply Suzanne November 7, 2019 at 09:52

    Where does the time go hey? I got all confused at the beginning of your post as you mentioned August instead of October! Honestly though, August feels like yesterday, this year is zipping by so fast. Sorry to hear you’ve been having joint pain, I really don’t think that this wet, horrible weather is helping any 🙁

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