May 1, 2020

Hello and welcome back to a new little loves round-up!

I have really struggled the last few months with blogging. It’s taken me some time to adjust to working from home, home schooling and being the best parent I can possibly be given the circumstances. Its hard, and I have been quite vocal about how I am struggling. It’s very hard not to compare yourself to others online and what they are achieving and what they are managing to fit in. I have since come to the conclusion, my children are happy, healthy and safe and that’s all that matters.

Without too much waffling, here is my Little Loves for the month of April.


I have paid quite a close eye on all the reports coming out with regards to COVID-19. As much as I find it all a little overwhelming, I still think it’s important to stay in the loop as such.

Lots of positive feedback from Gracie and Henry’s school. I am that person who is continuously worrying am I doing it right, are they doing enough but I have read some lovely things about both children and the work they are producing. It’s most definitely the small things that matter and the feedback from the school has been really lovely.


Race Across The World (BBC2) – I mentioned this last month, but it was the final last week. I won’t spoil it, but I wanted another pair to win, but I was happy with the result. I actually ended up crying throughout the episode (not entirely sure why!?) I think it was the fact it must of been a huge relief for all involved for it to be over with! Its a long time to be travelling, but my gosh, what an adventure!

Tiger King (Netflix) – This is all I have heard about this month, everyone talking about Carol Baskin! It was a really frustrating watch because in my eyes, they are all the same. It has certainly got everyone talking! Have you seen it?

Live Updates (BBC) – Along with reading about the current situation we are in I have also been checking in daily with the live conferences on the BBC as frustrating as they are, I think they give us a little bit of hope (just a smidge)


Shorts – The weather has been glorious this month (minus the last 2 days where we have had constant rain!) I managed to get my legs out and pop a pair of shorts on. Like last month I have lived in my Saltwater Sandals and my new Palmeiria’s. Definitely my favourite spring/summer shoes at the moment!

Mum Bun – The famous mum bun! My hair has got pretty long (well I say long, its just above my shoulders which is long for me!) and it now fits up into a mum bun which is really handy when you’re having an off day and want your hair of your face!

Masks – I had to have an emergency trip to the hospital this month (all is fine thankfully) but it wasn’t something I could get out off. I won’t lie, I was a bit dubious about going. Luckily I was in and out within the hour. I was prepped with gloves, masks and hand gel before I even entered. I am not 100% sure how anyone puts up with wearing a mask, as actually its quite uncomfortable and it is quite restricting. I found it quite hard to breath with one on! But I understand fully as to why we should wear one!


Zoom Class Calls – Every week both Gracie and Henry have a class zoom call. Its so lovely to listen too and always gets me a little choked up. Hearing their friends and seeing all their faces. Definitely a highlight of my week listening to them all chatter away.

Birds – I have really enjoyed being woken up by the birds these last few weeks. It’s been lovely listening to them at the crack of dawn tweeting away. I don’t actually think my alarm has gone off at all whilst working from home, the birds have been my alarm!


Art – Gracie made this pretty awesome poster this week. It started of as something she was doing but it then tied in with school work which was really handy! We have displayed it in the car window as its just sitting on the drive. Its something nice for people to look at when they walk past as well!

Cakes & Bakes – Since being in lockdown I do not think I have ever baked so much. Gracie likes to help and it goes towards her school work! I think we have managed, Easter Bakes,  Fairy Cakes, Banana Bread (several times) Victoria Sponges and Brownies! They did not last long to get any pictures!

Changes – You may of noticed I have had a bit of a spruce up of the blog. It was in need of a little TLC so I purchased a new theme and transferred to a new host. Its been a long time coming and I really love the new design! Its funny how a little change can make you feel a little better about how you see yourself in the blogging community!


We have made the most of the glorious weather the past month by getting out every day for our daily exercise fix. The bonus if having a dog makes you want to get out.  Its actually become one of my favourite times of the day. We tend to go out after dinner and enjoy the last of the days sunshine. We talk, we laugh and we breathe in the air. Definitely a good remedy for cabin fever!

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  • Reply RachelSwirl May 2, 2020 at 00:39

    Loving the blog makeover (new theme) and would be really interested to hear about who you are hosting with now. Such an awesome poster your little lady has made – I almost wish our kids used zoom as they miss their friends so much!

    • Reply Anna-Marie May 4, 2020 at 17:03

      Watching the zoom meetings are so lovely, definitely a highlight of our week!

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