January 31, 2020

Hello and welcome back to a new little loves round-up! The first for 2020!

January seems to have been a really slow month. Anyone else feel like its been months since we were all celebrating Christmas? Its been pretty full on for us, back to routine, new jobs, paying off holidays and generally feeling like the month is never going to end! Its taken a bitter turn, with the latter weeks being minus temperatures, which makes for a very fun school run!

Without too much waffling, here is my Little Loves for the month of January


I am making a really conscious effort to read more this year. It’s sort of going to plan, but sometimes life just gets in the way and I find myself not getting that time to myself to read. I have started a book this year, but I’ve not got very far in. I think I may of actually tried last year to read it but again, time is just not my friend at the moment.


I feel like January I have spent watching lots. There has been some really good TV recently. I feel like I have missed so much off but some standouts this month that I have really been enjoying:

Love Island (ITV2) – Goes without saying really. I blinking love this program and this is the first version of Winter Love Island. I’ll admit, its taken a while to get into, not too sure why. Change in present? Or different location? Who knows, but I am really enjoying and its definitely talk of the office at the moment!

Inside Belmarsh (ITV) – I tend to avoid all documentaries involving Ross Kemp. He irritates me, but I was really intrigued about life in the most notorious prison. Its a huge eye opener how staff cope with high-profile inmates, extremists and common criminals living side-by-side.

Catching a Killer (C4) – This was such an interesting watch. The Killer Ben Field had no remorse. Two years after his death, the body of author and retired teacher Peter Farquhar is exhumed after suspicions are raised about his former partner, Ben Field. Police use Farquhar’s diary to search for clues in his relationship.

White House Farm (ITV) – Another really good watch, but only 3 episode in. Based on the rue story of the murders that took place near the village of Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex. Nevill and June Bamber were shot and killed inside their farmhouse, along with their adopted daughter, Sheila Caffell, and Sheila’s six-year-old twin sons.

Deadwater Fell (C4) – Lastly, I am really enjoying this. When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew and trusted, cracks appear on the surface of a supposedly idyllic community.

Can we also just take a moment to talk about the Masked Singer?!? I mean what the hell!? I feel like I am now so drawn into it, I need to finish the series, just to find out who the cells are! Are you watching it?


Necklaces – James bought me the most gorgeous Pandora Moments Necklace for Christmas. I am really not one for loads of jewellery, but I saw this and fell in love with it straight away. I have not taken it off and I get so many lovely comments about it. Its so pretty, and although it looks chunky, it’s quite delicate.

Perfume – I used to be really picky about perfume, but as I have got older I am open to experiment. For Christmas I was given the Vera Wang, Glam Princess and it smells so so good. I am making a conscious effort not to spray, spray spray as I tend to over do it.


3 songs I have been listening to on repeat this month

Sigala – Wish You Well

Meduza & Goodboys – A piece of Your Heart

Regard– Ride It


Lego – Last year Gracie saved up all her pocket, birthday and Christmas money to save for the Tower Bridge Lego. The day came where she had enough money and we found out that actually it was a really hard to find item and was no longer being made. She was pretty gutted. It was the only thing she desperately wanted and I felt awful that she saved all her money to be completely let down at the end. So Christmas came and, you guessed it she only wanted one thing. That bloody Tower Bridge Lego which was now being sold for an obscene amount of money.

Cut a long story short, she got it for Christmas and today we finally finished it. I say we because I’ve helped from the start, it was pretty high expertise building skills that was needed and with no bags numbered and the fact you had to hunt for every damn piece it was hard work for an 11 year old. I’ve secretly loved spending the weekends hidden away in her room helping her, it’s been nice to bond over something and enjoy the experience together.

Cheats Roast – I hate cooking a roast dinner. Its one of those meals I look forward to eating but by the time I have made it I am really not that interested in eating it. The past few weeks, I’ve cheated slightly. Swapping roast potatoes for roasted new potatoes and going for a Spatchcock Chicken, rather than a full on chicken, I find its less wastage. Its more appealing as well, full on roasts, I prefer when they are cooked for me!


I feel like I have not stopped this month, work has literally taken over me and I find I am doing extra hours from home and not really fitting much else in. I have however managed to keep my promise to myself to blog more. Posting weekly, sometimes twice a week! Im hoping February slows down. I currently feel like my feet don’t touch the ground most days!

I am looking forward to seeing you all link up! Have a wonderful month ahead.

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  • Reply RachelSwirl January 31, 2020 at 23:02

    Well done on blogging more Mrs- I’m rather enjoying reading your posts 🙂

  • Reply Suzanne February 9, 2020 at 18:52

    There’s been so much fabulous content on TV recently hasn’t there?! Looks like we’ve both watched a lot of the same things. That lego looks amazing! All of mine have loved lego at one time or another. They still do no if they get half the chance! xx

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