April 10, 2020

Hello and welcome back to a new little loves round-up!

I am a week late to Little Loves this month. Time just ran away with me and if you read my post from yesterday I just fell out of love with blogging. We are living in crazy times and adjusting to that has been hard. But It thought, rather than miss a month I will get back to it and add it a week later. Apologies if you have been waiting for me to post it up!

The weather has been so kind to us lately, Spring is by far my favourite month. Not too cold, and not too hot. Its also the season where flowers start to bloom and we all need a little flower power to keep us going. Being able to tidy up the garden has been lovely and all my bulbs I planted in October are just starting to open!

Without too much waffling, here is my Little Loves for the month of March.


So much in the news. I will admit, although not good for my mental health I think its important to keep up to date with what’s going on it the world more that ever at the moment. Although it can be a little depressing keeping up with what’s going on has been pretty important this month!

Lots of school related projects. Like many, we have been home schooling, so daily updates and weekly activities have been sent through to us. Reading through all of the information has been a bit mind boggling but we have been managing well with all the work!


Race Across The World (BBC2) – I loved series one of this and was so pleased that another season is being aired. Its amazing what can be achieved on a budget. I have my favourites to win, not sure if they will but I will be rooting for them!

Save Me (Sky Atlantic) – I was hooked on the first season, Sky have recently released season 2. I’ll have to admit I have binged watched season one again as I wanted a reminder and I am so glad I did because I had forgotten so much about it. I am currently steaming my way through season 2! Definitely watch it, if you haven’t already.

Made in Chelsea (E4) – One of my all time favourites reality TV shows. I used to watch them all, but I have managed to cut it down to just MIC. Its addictive TV and I love catching up with the Chelsea crew.


Its all about the shoes this month…

Saltwater Sandals – They are officially back out and on my feet. I lived in these last year and I can see me wearing them a lot this year. They are so comfy and by far one of the best purchases I made last year. But I have however received a new pair of shoes over the past month.. (see below)

Palmaira Sandals – I got these for mothers day and I am in love with them. I adore the print and just like the saltwater, these are so comfy. I haven’t really worn them a lot, because you know a thing called lockdown is happening, but when I have popped to the shop or gone on our daily walk I have made sure to put them on!

Comfy Clothes – Since being in lockdown, I haven’t really had to dress up for work. I can leave my hair a little messy on some days and have a few slouchy days. It’s been nice. The days I have had to do a conference call, I make sure to dress for the occasion!


I’ve recently put my entire music collection on my phone. My last upgrade got me a bigger memory so instead of having my current favourites, I have all my music. Its been nice listening to music I had forgotten I even had!

Woodkid – Iron

Letters to Cleo – I Want You to Want Me

I also heard this rather lovely cover whilst looking for something on YouTube. I got sidetracked and have not stopped listening to it all month.

Grace Grundy – Go Your Own Way


We made some big decisions. Last month saw us find out our secondary school place for Gracie. Unfortunately we didn’t get first, second or third choice. We got our forth choice. It was a divesting blow, because out of all six schools I put down that was the one we didn’t go and visit. It was further away than our top three and it just didn’t make sense that we would have to drive past those schools to get to the one we had been given.

We went to view it with an open mind, and we really didn’t get a feel for it. Its not a bad school but I just didn’t like it. Why would I send her to a school that I wasn’t happy with. To cut a long story short I put in a separate application for two new schools that are being built within the area. Close to home and within walking distance. We were offered a place to one of those schools which we accepted straight away. It felt good knowing it was closer and I didn’t have to worry about travel.

The only downside was it wasn’t built and it would be in a temporary building. It would be two years before the school was actually built. Again I was just happy that it was a school closer to us. The first week of lockdown I heard back from the second school which is new and currently being built. Its the one Gracie felt more positive about so with her say, we accepted and declined the other offer. Its like a weight has been lifted and its actually a sister school to our first choice!


I am going to finish up by saying, I really hope all my readers and followers are well and safe. I hope you are all coping ok with lockdown, homeschooling, working from home etc.. Just remember, we will get through it and we will be stronger for it when we finally come out the other side!

**As I am late posting this up, the next edition of Little Loves will be on Friday 1st May, thereafter it will commence the last Friday of each month**

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