Little Loves 2020 | September Edition

September 25, 2020

Hello and welcome back to a new little loves round-up!

I am about 9 hours late to posting this because I actually forgot! I still thought we had at least a week left of September but in fact we have just 5 days which is frightening, because this month has seriously flown by. Its been full of adjustments to new routines and getting used to the new norm. I am also ashamed to say, my photo up keep this month has been abysmal!

Without too much waffling, here is my Little Loves for September


I am ashamed to say I have not picked up a book all month. Terrible really. I always plan to go to bed an hour earlier to read but this month I just have not managed it. Hopefully next month, I will have a book to fill you in on!


24 hours in A&E (C4) – I love this program! The first few episodes have been pretty gory with fingers hanging off and hand injuries. I always get so emotional watching this program. I bloody love our NHS they do so much, work so hard. This is a huge insight into that.

I Hate Suzie (Sky Atlantic) – This was brilliant. I think I managed to binge watch it all over a weekend. Billie Piper was just amazing. I would highly recommend it if you have not seen it already.

Great British Bake Off (C4) – Autumn is officially here! GBBO started this week and it came with its own shockers! I was gutted when Sandi Toksvig announced she was leaving, I really liked her and Noel Fielding together, but Matt Lucas had me laughing out loud!

This Is Paris (YouTube) – This was such an eye opener to watch. I always assumed Paris was a bit of a blonde bimbo stereotype but I was shocked to hear what she went through. I definitely perceived her in a different light. She definitely isn’t as stupid as she makes out!


New Glasses – I had to go for an eye test this month which resulted in me spending a small fortune on new glasses. I always say I will never spend much on frames. It never happens though. Ill be honest, I see it as a bit of an investment. I wear glasses all the time, and I only ever get new frames every 2-3 years so I tend to splurge out. Not ideal at the moment but unfortunately one eye has got much worse the last few months!

Nose Hoops – About 3 years ago I went and got my nose pierced. Bit random, but I always wanted it done when I was younger, I just never did. I always wanted to replace the stud with a hoop but piercings tend to freak me out a little bit and make me feel a bit sick at the thought of changing them. Hence three years later I still have the stud. I plucked up the courage and bought a hoop. So glad I did, I prefer it much better than the stud!


Still listening to Folklore on repeat. Dont think I will ever tire of the album.

I also heard, I will finally get a tour of Gracie’s new school! Because of lockdown, we were unable to have a look. Its a brand new school and I have been dying to see it. So next month in small bubbles we will finally get a tour!


Lots of comfort food this month. As the weather has dropped and its turned a little chillier I have dug out the slow cooker for stews, curries, shepherds pie, lasagnes. My favourite kind of foods.

I also made James join me in the hunt for some Cadbury’s Chocolate Orange Buttons. I can confirm they are delicious. The chocolate orange fingers are pretty special too!


We are 3 weeks in being back to school and so far so good. I am so so proud of Gracie for taking it all in her stride. Little hiccup on the first day but she now comes home smiling. I couldn’t ask for anything else. Its such a huge change for and she has adapted to it so well. I knew she would. The homework is a bit intense and its taking us some time to get used to but she is doing so well with it all. How have your little ones got on back at school?

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