June 25, 2021

Hello! And welcome back to Little Loves. At the moment this is the only post that goes up on my blog, it’s been a crazy year and the blog has taken a massive hit. There is so much I want to write but I feel I have very little time. Juggling work, parenting, personal life just takes precedence at the moment. 

I always make sure I take time out to write my Little Loves post, because it reminds me of all the things I have achieved through the month. Without too much waffling here’s my Little Loves for June


Can we skip this part? I have been terrible yet again with my reading!


Time (BBC) – I managed all three episodes in one day. This was really good and I really enjoyed it, it had me crying throughout. I just felt so sorry for two of the main cast. It had a pretty good cast which consists of Sean Bean and Steven Graham. British prison drama `Time’ follows Mark Cobden, a husband, teacher and father who is sentenced to four years in prison after accidentally killing a man. Consumed by guilt, Mark openly accepts his sentence but is quickly confronted with the harsh realities of life inside.

Cruella (Disney+) – This was brilliant. I absolutely loved the background story of how Cruella became the women she is. I would definitely recommend watching. They have left it open for a second which I think maybe will lead into a remake of 101 Dalmatians.

Rocket Man (Netflix) – I really really enjoyed this Elton John Biopic. Had me singing along throughout and kind of made me feel sorry for him. 


Elton John – Goes without saying after watching the film, it got me hooked on some of his classics. I was quite surprised that I knew more of his songs than I thought! 


Well, the weather certainly changed from last month didn’t it!? It’s been a mixture of shorts, jeans, sandals and trainers! We had a pretty impressive heat wave, which by the end of it I was struggling. The end off June has been a bit of a washout, the weather is picking up though. 


I made two cakes this month. One for James mum and the other one for Henry’s birthday! He turned 10!! 

I decided on a strawberry cake for James mum as I over ordered on them and I needed to use them up. It went down a treat and everyone enjoyed it. 

Henry’s cake was a disaster, I cooked them on the hottest day of June and they kept getting stuck to the tins so I ended up having to re-make them 3 times! He is obsessed with Baby Yoda, I took and easy option out by plonking toys on top but Henry loved it and that’s all that counts!

We made a start on two big projects this month! First our driveway, it was in desperate need of being relayed. When we moved in we took a big bush down and put stones in to replace it to just keep it neat, but 5 years later it was looking tatty and had no curb appeal what-so-ever. Tuesday the drive was completed and it looks amazing! So glad we big the billet and got it done. 

Secondly we started on decorating our lounge. It’s a very slow process as we just have not had time to do it so it’s a shell at the moment. Hopefully throughout July we will see it come together! 


June saw us so the normal things we have not been able to do for so long. We took a trip out to a brilliant Safari park and had such a lovely family day. It felt so strange doing something so normal but yet so out of our comfort zone. It wasn’t overly busy, but by the time we left late afternoon we noticed more people so it was the perfect time to leave. 

I am really hoping we get to do more days out like this with the easing of lockdown, but I will be doing it cautiously. The bonus to the safari park was it was outside so lots of open space to keep ourself to ourself. 

Hope you have a wonderful July! 

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  • Reply RachelSwirl June 26, 2021 at 20:38

    It must have been great to get out for the day – I think it makes all the difference just spending time doing NORMAL stuff for once doesn’t it? I’ve also been terrible with reading, I just don’t have the time! I must watch Cruella – it’s on my ‘to watch list’.
    Take care x

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