March 26, 2021

Hello and welcome back to a new little loves round-up!

I honestly cannot believe just how quickly March flew by. I think it’s because it was a mixture of homeschooling and then back to school. We are just a little bit closer to hopefully things becoming a bit more normal. 

It flew by so quickly, blogging took a back seat throughout the month of March. My blogging plans have really gone out the window since working full time and I just cannot get a perfect work/home/blog life balance. I’m struggling to juggle it all and one is buckling and that is the blog. I adore this space, but the past year I just have not had much to talk about. I feel it’s just the same ole, same ole. I’m sure it will all be ok, but I a having serious doubts about keeping this little space open. I don’t want to give up though.

Without too much waffling, here is my Little Loves for March


Hmmm, well I did hope to finish Blood Orange this might but it didn’t really go to plan! I’m only three quarters of the way through! Shameful! By the time bed time comes round I am so tired I wouldn’t even mange one line! 

Henry enjoyed reading his comic book this month. It’s the only thing I can actually get him to read. We needed to send a picture of him reading a book for world book day so this was out input! He definitely takes after his dad with the love of comics!

I was given a transcript of a book a colleague wrote, which I have started to read on my phone. It’s about their journey with cancer. Already chapter one has had me drawn in, it’s on my phone so I can read it whilst waiting to drop Henry in of a morning. 


Married at First Sight Australia (C4) – I was late to this show but I managed to watch all 41 episodes in about a week and a half! Binge worthy TV at its best. Who in their right mind would ever put themselves forward to take part is just crazy. Shocking at some of the antics that happened throughout the season! 

Line of Duty (BBC) – its back!! It’s been a while and I was kind of lost as to where it finished so a quick google and it all came flooding back. I won’t give any spoilers but it was an intriguing episode! Lots of questions all ready that I feel need answering! 


Actual Clothes – Ha! With homeschooling coming to an end this month it meant having to actually get dressed and out the door by 8:30! Was a bit of a shock but it’s nice to be wearing “normal clothes” rather than the slouchy loungewear I’ve been living in for the past 2 months! 


Praise – This month saw us do something very new! We had Gracie’s parents evening online. Home spit was so surreal and I didn’t think it would work. We had 4 minutes with each teacher which really doesn’t sound a lot, but it worked! Once the 4 minutes were up we moved onto the next. Very much how I imagine speed dating! She is doing so well and they all had so much praise for her. She is a delight to teach and one teacher says he looks forward to his lessons with her because she is such a joy! How nice! Proud mum moment!


Crochet – Lighter nights means I can get the crochet hook out for longer. I prefer to crochet in natural light, I find it a lot easier. It’s taken me a long 3 years on this blanket and I am determined to get it done. I went wrong when I originally started and decided to hide the mistake but eventually it didn’t work so I had to unpick it all and start afresh! I’m loving it so far though! Hopefully by winter it will be my new cosy blanket! I have since added a third colour!

Hot Chocolate – Mothers day saw me receive the best present. For Christmas I was toying with the idea of getting the Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat. I changed my mind at the last minute and come January in the depths of winter regretted my decision. I’d mentioned it in conversation that I would maybe treat myself for my birthday. I opened up one for Mothers Day and I was so shocked. I’ve been treating myself to a hot chocolat daily. I also signed up for the subscription service so I get a box of hot chocolat once a month. Next month I will be receiving the Orange flavoured hot chocolate which is just amazing!


It’s the Easter holidays! Gracie and Henry have only been back a few weeks but it will be nice to just stop the routine and relax a bit. We have zero plans, I don’t want to get my hopes up about it and be let down by the government like we did at Christmas. So at the moment we are at home and we will celebrate as a four (five with the dog). I am sure we will make the most of the glorious spring weather (if we get any) with some lovely walks!

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    Wow I’d love to try crotchet one day –
    Your work looks amazing !

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