April 28, 2019

Hello Sunday,

Welcome back, the weather has done a complete 360 from the glorious sunshine we had last week! Its been pretty dull the past few days and the heating had to go back on yesterday, it was just too chilly! So without to much waffling from me here are a few favourites I have been loving this week.

New sofas

In January we ordered a new sofa and it finally arrived this week. After a long 3 months of waiting! Thursday saw us running round like crazy people at 7:30am to get the old sofa out. I had to work at whole day before I could sit on it! I’m totally in love with it and it’s so so comfy. We went for leather again, practically it was the best decision. Smells lush! 


This week has been filled with chocolate and lots off it. Thanks to the delivery of some chocolate eggs last weekend. Gracie and Henry got so much I think it’s going to last a while, means I have to help along the way to try and clear some of it! I managed to bag myself a mint chocolate Lindt egg, it’s delicious! 


This week I did the unthinkable. I managed to catch up on my laundry and not have to do any for two whole days! I mean this never happens! The warmer weather played a huge part in that. Now the weather has changed I’m back to a full basket as I’ve nowhere to hang it! Frustrating! 


At the back of my garden we have a clematis climber and I love this time of year, it blooms beautifully and looks amazing draping over the back wall. Pink wall of dreams. We have trained it to cover the roof of the shed so spans the length of the garden. As an extra bonus we have managed to also train a wisteria from my neighbours to also loop around the frame we have put up. Can not wait for that to bloom! 

Greys Anatomy Re-Runs

This has to be my most favourite tv show, ever. I love it. I could watch it over and over. I’ve started from season one again. I miss all the original characters. There isn’t a programme that makes me sob like a baby like Greys Anatomy does. The writing and acting is spot on. Nothing really compares to it. 

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