May 12, 2019

Hello Sunday, welcome back. What a week! I have been super busy. Its been quite a full on week and I am thankful I have managed to relax over the weekend before another week starts. The weather has been miserable and the rain seemed to appear at school pick up most days. Without too much waffling, here are a few of my favourites this week.

Spring fetes

This weekend we popped along to support the village church at the school. The weather held off and it was a quite a nice few hours. Lots of different stalls and games to play. They raised quite a bit of money which is amazing. Gracie did a little dance performance as well with her dance class from school. Was a good few hours away from technology which is always a bonus! 


We have made huge progress with the garden this week. The raised beds are complete! We now need to wait for the delivery of sand and the membrane before we do anything else. That is coming this week so hopefully by next weekend that will all be laid and then the Astro turf can be laid. I’m excited to be going out and buying some new plants for the borders! We need to stick with the same sort of plants, we sometimes go a bit crazy when it comes to plants and end up getting too many or ones that don’t really go together. I’ve been researching loads and I think I’ve settled on some nice ones, that may change by the time we get round to buying them! 


It’s that time of year when you hear the chime of the ice cream van. You scramble to get your money and then run down the road to catch it before it leaves. Who doesn’t love an ice-cream?! This weekend the weather has been rather lovely (albeit a bit of rain yesterday) but that doesn’t stop Mr Whippy popping by! 

Mid Morning Snoozes

This was totally unexpected! Henry was off sick for the first part of last week so I ended up having to take a day off work. Managed to do all my jobs I would have done after the school run and then had a little lay down with the poorly patient. I ended up having a 45 minute snooze with him. Felt nice to just relax and drift off. Thankfully Henry is better now and back to school. 

New Hair

I hate going to the hairdresser. It’s just not one of my top favourite things to do. I’m just not a fan of sitting in a chair making small talk. But I do love the after effects. Nice new do! I was in desperate need for a good chop so I took myself and Gracie (who also needed a trim) to the hairdressers this week. I have found a style I really like and my hairdresser who I have only been going to for a few months now is lovely. She makes the visit more pleasurable! The end result is always good. 

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