April 21, 2019

Hello Sunday,

Welcome back, how glorious has the weather been this week? Its been beautiful and a lot of my favourites this week take stock from just that. Everything seems to work better with a little bit of sunshine and warmth. So without to much waffling from me here are a few favourites I have been loving this week.

Bank Holidays

We are officially on a four day weekend thanks to the Easter Holidays. To be honest, it didn’t really bother too much about the extra long weekend when I didn’t work. Now I am working I am taking full advantage. It’s nice to have more than two days off without having to take extra holiday. I have taken full advantage and got so much done already. We are celebrating Easter with family and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

mini makeover projects

We finally completed our mini makeover of our main bathroom last weekend. When we moved into our house 5 years ago it was the first room in our home to be renovated. Now we have finished all the rooms it was looking a bit tired. So we gave it a new lick of paint, removed the grout in the floor tiles and re-grouted with a darker colour. We also took the glass shower divide down and replaced it with a shower curtain. The glass was just too much high maintenance! It always looked grubby. With a few new finishing touches like a new cabinet and a rather lovely bath tray, its looking really lovely and new again!

our garden

Whenever the sun shines, it’s a know fact that us brits get out in the garden. We have spent the majority of the weekend in ours. It’s so nice to have the patio doors open. We are making changes to ours, so it hasn’t all been about relaxing. We have decided to re-design and lay astro turf instead of the turf we have currently. The grass isn’t in the best of conditions so for us this will potentially work really well. The weekend has been spent, tyding up the borders and re-potting plants ready for some change.

home-made meals

I am no chef when it comes to cooking, but I have been really trying with our meals and I think I am finally getting somewhere. I have found that making from scratch is so much easier {and cheaper} The convenience of a Jar of sauce is very appealing but sometimes its just not tasty enough. I have been making a homemade lasagne weekly now for the past couple of weeks and I am enjoying its so much as I know what went into it and that I made it. I wrote up the recipe I use in my previous post which you can read here. Let me know if you try it!


It’s a known fact that the sun makes you happy. I couldn’t agree more. It does. I still struggle when it does appear {I was diagnosed with skin cancer 4 years ago} but it makes a nice change from the miserable weather we have been having. I don’t tend to stay in it long. One of the main reasons I love the warmer weather and the sun is, it means I can get my washing on the line and dried within a day! No back log of laundry! When did I get so old?!


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