January 18, 2020

A few years ago, Monthly Favourites videos and blog posts were one of my favourite things to watch and read. Maybe I am just a bit nosy but I really like to see what people have been enjoying. I thought (well I tried last year and didn’t live up to it) I would try a do a round up either every month or every other month of all the things I am loving, enjoying at the moment. So without too much waffling, here are some of my recent favourites..


Rimmel Primer – I don’t really have a skin care routine, I try but I never stick to it. I normally slap on a bit of moisturiser and then layer on the foundation. I’m fully aware thats not really the done thing to do. I managed to pick this up on my shopping and have used it everyday. Even when I don’t wear make-up a wekend I stick some on. It makes me feel fresh and glowy which is what everyone wants to feel, don’t they? It was cheap too, I am not one to be paying over the odds for make-up!

Rimmel Concealer –  I’ve lost quite a few hours sleep over the last few weeks, so this concealer has been pretty handy to have. Again, not expensive so affordable and does what is say on the packet. I only use it for under eyes and any red blemishes.

Makeup Revolution Contour stick – I am no queen when it comes to make up, but I like to think I give it a good go to make myself look presentable of a morning. I added this on to my Christmas list. I was worried it would be too dark, but it blends really well. I love Make Up Revolution, its so affordable and the range is extensive so you can always find something fit your need.


Pandora O Pendant – For Christmas, James bought me this rather gorgeous necklace. I saw it about November time and hinted how lovely it was. It’s quite deceiving, you think its one necklace, but actually its three parts so can work out pretty pricey depending on what colour you go for, what charms you add. I wasn’t expecting it purely because of the price and we don’t really do lavish gifts. He remembered though and sneakily bought me the exact one I wanted. I’ve not taken it off since I received it. I adore it and I get so many comments.

New Bag –  I started to feel like the bag lady at work. My handbag was a cross body bag, and I then took another bag for my lunch and everything else that wouldn’t fit in my actual handbag. For Christmas, I asked for a new bag from my mum, I picked it out so she knew what I was after. I adore it, its not normally a style I would go for, but for practicality and storage I needed a bigger shoulder bag. It fits everything in, and I know longer look like I’m juggling bags when I walk into the office!


Scentsy Melts – My sister in law bought James and I a really lovely gift for Christmas. Its’ a plug in, which houses a light that melts a wax melt. I love all things smelly for my house. I constantly have candles, burners and diffusers on the go. I am really paranoid, my house smells! I think dog owners all have that same fear. So this burner is ideal. I lives in the kitchen, and basically smells divine. Its really strong so the smell literally travels through the whole downstairs. I have never heard of Scentsy, but I have a party to go too my sister in law is hosting, which could potentially be dangerous as they have a wide range of products which is right up my street!

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