January 30, 2021

A few years ago, Monthly Favourites videos and blog posts were one of my favourite things to watch and read. Maybe I am just a bit nosy but I really like to see what people have been enjoying. I thought (well I tried last year and didn’t live up to it) I would try a do a round up either every month or every other month of all the things I am loving, enjoying at the moment. So without too much waffling, here are some of my recent favourites..

Ghost – we decided to do a family secret Santa this year. I received a miniature gift selection of Ghost perfume.  I’ve never smelt it before but oh my, it’s smells divine. I have a four miniature bottles and they all smell so lovely. One thing I love, I pop some on of a morning and I can still smell it if an evening. 

Boots – another Christmas gift I received were some rather lovely Joules boots. I always look on the sale for there shoes and it’s never ever the right time to get them. I saw some really lovely ones which I thought I would love. Leather with a leopard shade back. James wasn’t keen and the more I looked at them more I didn’t like the pointed toe. I’d manged to find another pair I loved, black with a hint of yellow.. I asked my mum and her husband to get them for me and I was so so happy to open them up at Christmas. I knew I had received them because I tried them on the month before to make sure they fit! I’ve not been able to wear them yet because I’ve not been out anywhere to wear them. They really are not walking the dog kind of boots! 

Garnier hair mask – my hair is in desperate need of a good cut. It’s got to the point where it’s lost any kind of definition and the split ends are atrocious! Obviously lockdown has prevented that. I bought a hair mask as I saw it going the rounds on Instagram. I’ve used it about 3 times now and it’s been a god send. My hair feels and looks so much healthier. It’s definitely going to be a firm fixture in my hair care routine!

AirPods – for Christmas James bought me some AirPods. I’ve wanted some for so long. Last year I bought some cheap knockoff versions and they were pretty crap. Everything interfered with them, the kettle, the microwave EVERYTHING. So I hinted that I would like some real ones. I really wasn’t expecting them and I was so pleased to open them up Christmas morning. They are a firm fixture in my ear! 

Phone Case – I upgraded to the new iPhone which meant I needed a new phone case. I am always seeing Instagram post from Casetify so decided to purchase one. I really didn’t realise it want UK based so it took quite a while for it to arrive. What with the postal issues! It did eventually arrive and it’s such a lovely case. I also have become a pop socket fanatic! 

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