January 12, 2020

This weekend has consisted of spending some much needed time at home. We have settled back into the school and work routine. The first week back is always a shock to the system. Early bedtimes, homework, school clubs and the feeling of constantly being on the go. This week we have also had play dates thrown in and a birthday party! Its been a pretty long week!

I am lucky that in the holidays I reduce my hours at work, but school terms I up them to school hours. This week has definitely been a bit of a shock and I have longed for that calm day at home, with no routine. A day we can spend in our pjs, with cosy candles and chunky blankets! Cue the weekend and although we were busy yesterday, we have nothing else on, which is my idea of heaven!

I won’t lie, I work so much better when I have a routine, but I love days where we just do not have one. Throw the routine aside and just see what happens. After a pretty hectic week after the Christmas break, its been nice to not to have one.

I would love it if you joined me and the fellow bloggers who link up. I’m looking forward to joining in weekly and hopefully find lots of new blogs to read along the way!

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  • Reply RachelSwirl January 12, 2020 at 10:59

    We intended on having a down day yesterday but then we found ourselves having to clean the house top to bottom thanks to a minor nit based issue 🤢

    The little lady has gone off to swimming lessons with her Daddy and my boy and I plan to go to the in-laws shortly for some Sunday lunch and a catch up.

    I’m hoping this afternoon we can just relax and enjoy time together (also with candles and chunky blankets – all of which have been washed at 60 degrees 😂).

    I long for next weekend now – I hope the kids will both be well and we can relax without so much stress!

    • Reply Anna-Marie January 18, 2020 at 10:04

      Oh no! Hope this weekend is a little bit more stress free!

  • Reply Donna January 18, 2020 at 16:19

    I love having a good routine too and we seem to have fallen well back into it. We have a really busy week coming up and then I’ll be pleased to get back to routine the week after! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

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