SHINE 2019

August 24, 2019

4 years ago I found what I thought was a spot. It didn’t overly concern me but after a few weeks and a push from James I booked myself into the doctors. That doctor was a bit batty and I thought she was being cautious and over reacting. I was urgently referred with a two week wait for a removal.

We went on holiday and I forgot all about it. When I got home I was booked in for a minor operation. All was good. Less than week later I was called in and told those 2 words everyone does not want to hear. Summer in my eyes was ruined. I mean, who wants to live a life shielding from the sun?! I didn’t ever think I would ever get my head round it.

Fast forward four years, and many operations later and constant hospital visits I am going into my final year of checks. MY FINAL YEAR! I actually didn’t think this day would ever come. I’ve adjusted my life massively. Everything is good, no changes.

Ever since that initial diagnosis, I have wanted so badly to give something back. To raise money to help cure cancer. It truly is a horrible disease and it claims so many lives. It rips through families, it doesn’t care who it destroys on the way. If I can help in someway to get that bit closer to curing cancer then I will be a happy lady.

Foolishly I signed up to the Shine Walk for Cancer research with all my donations namely going to Skin Cancer. I say foolishly because, I underestimated how hard it would be. You think walking will be easy, but training is hard, I am not consistent and I struggle to get motivated.

I will do it. I will get to that finish line and I will literally punch fear in the face. In all honestly I am scared, I am scared I won’t make it past mile 10, but I am going to push through it and think of everyone that has supported me and made donations and what it will do to cancer research.

Each year Cancer Research UK’s scientists get closer to beating cancer, and they’ve helped double survival rates in the last 40 years. But we can’t stop there.

Only with our continued support can they turn this research into breakthroughs that save millions of lives. Every single pound that’s donated makes a difference to Cancer Research UK’s groundbreaking work, so please sponsor me, it really doesn’t have to be much but know this when you do, It will help me on my way to help cancer research find new ways to treat skin cancer.

You can sponsor by clicking here

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