February 7, 2021

We have been waiting weeks for a forecast of snow. We watched other parts of the UK become blanketed in the white stuff and we sort of gave up hope of the South East ever getting any. That was until last week when the weatherman forecast a full 5 days of snow.

Because of lockdown, heading out to the shops for a sledge wouldn’t exactly be acceptable and classed as “essential shopping”. I mentioned to James how disappointing it would be if the snow did finally hit and we were not prepared. So he built one! He spent the best part of yesterday afternoon building a sledge out of spare wood. I was expecting him just to nail a few bits of wood together. He went to town with it good and proper. He ended up adding gliders on the bottom for better grip!

We went to bed hopeful that in the morning we would wake to a beautiful, picturesque scene when we opened the blinds. I mean the weatherman said it would snow all night, so according to them this would be the case! Did we though? Did we wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow? Did we heck! We woke to grey skies and rain!

We decided we would go and and walk the dog early. Just before we left the rain turned to sleet. By the time we got home it was a little heavier, throughout the day it got thicker and started to settle. I made a roast dinner and we all decided that by 2pm if it was still snowing we would take the sledge and give it a whirl. The snow didn’t stop, but it wasn’t exactly fluffy and snowman material. We headed out though.

The temperature definitely dropped. By the time we walked round to the park we had flushed cheeks and red noses. There wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground (read hardly any!). Quite a few people had the same idea, so we found a quiet corner and just had fun. We tried the sledge, there really wasn’t enough snow for it to work properly, so a few run down the hills from dad pulling Gracie and Henry did the trick. Fleur loved it, she ran wild and we even managed to build a teeny snowman and throw a few snowballs.

We headed back home for cocoa and biscuits. I decided to make my third cake of the week. Mixing it up slightly and adding some cocoa to it it. We then just relaxed in front of the TV. A perfect winters days. I’m hoping that we still continue to get some snow, the weather man predicts another full night but they said that before. As I type, its still snowing, so you never know, we could wake up to that picturesque scene. We really want to test the sledge out for real, on proper thick snow!

How have you spent today? Did it snow for you?

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