September 13, 2020

This week my first born ventured into the next chapter, senior school. It came with a whole load of emotions not only from her, but me too. The start of her senior school journey has not been without its problems. We didn’t get our first choice school which caused a lot of upset and stress. The school we did eventually get was one we were both really happy about. It’s a brand new school and she and the rest of her year group are the first group of students to enter its doors.

Its quite daunting heading into the unknown for an eleven year old. She has had to overcome quite a bit this week. For someone that has been driven to school everyday, she’s had to make the journey herself. She managed this perfectly fine, but it was still quite nerve-wracking! She also had to overcome the huge fear of meeting new people. When you’ve been with the same class since starting school, going into a new place where you know no-one is pretty scary.

Gracie has dealt with the transition really well. It wasn’t what she was hoping to begin with, she found it really overwhelming and that first day wasn’t what she expecting. She isn’t overly confident so found the initial settling in quite hard. It was heartbreaking as a parent to listen to how hard she actually found it. But by the end of the week, she was happy and content. She met a friend, who walks to and from school with her. She has managed to also break out of her comfort zone and introduce herself to others in her class.

I won’t lie, I dropped her off on that first day and cried all the way home. It feels like this new adventure she is about to embark on sees me letting go a little. I really don’t like that feeling. I’ve got to let her go, to be a bit more independent and to enjoy this. I am finding it a little hard to do though. I spent the whole week worrying myself silly. Tracking her every move and then letting out a huge sigh of relief when she walked through the door every day. Its always going to be my prerogative to worry.

As we head into week two, I am a little less stressed and Gracie is a little more confident. All the worries I think have eased and I honestly believe this will be the making of her. Already I have seen a huge difference. She is using her initiative to plan and prioritise school work which pleases me. I was forever reminding her throughout primary school. I think the fear of detention is hanging over her head!

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