November 28, 2019

Homes that you can control with your voice, and that recognise you when you walk through the door, were once a distant dream. We pictured living amongst robots, having conversations with computers and powering our homes with our voices and simple hand gestures.

Well, the future has arrived. Homeowners are bringing the latest technology into their home, turning those dreams to reality. Here are just a few new technologies that can completely transform your home:

1. Philips Hue

Philips Hue light bulbs are available in indoor and outdoor varieties. With these, you can adjust not just the brightness but also the colour of any household light.

You don’t need to completely change your light fitting to add Philips Hue to your home. The bulbs fit into your existing light fittings and can be controlled from your phone. If you’ve got a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home, you can also control your lights using only the power of speech.

Philips Hue lights will transform your home by allowing you to adjust the mood of each room, or even turn your child’s light off without disturbing them at night. Hue’s also a fantastic security and energy-saving feature. You can turn your lights off wherever you are in the world, or set routines to make it look like you’re at home when you’re not.

2. Home Security Systems

Photo by Rishabh Varshney on Unsplash

Modern home security systems do more for your home than you’d expect.

As well as having alarms that can deter burglars and trespassers, many can be monitored at an external centre even when you’re not at home. 24/7 monitoring is the best way to raise the alarm, and stop criminals and intruders in their tracks.

Many systems include video doorbells, which allow you to see who’s at your door from anywhere in the world. With two-way voice, you can even talk back to the person standing on your doorstep. If initial security measures fail, you can always rely on a very clear picture of the culprit.

3. High-Tech Refrigerators

High-tech modern refrigerators can save you a small fortune. Take the LG Signature, for example. This award-winning fridge has an opaque door that turns transparent when you knock on it, allowing you to instantly see what’s inside. The door opens automatically when you slide your foot towards the freezer, and the drawers pop out on their own. You can also control your fridge settings directly from your phone.

If that’s not enough, how about the Samsung Family Hub fridge? This one has an in-built tablet screen, so you can watch your favourite shows as you’re cooking. Built-in cameras show you what’s in your fridge, even when you’re out at the supermarket. Or, get your fridge to do the grocery shopping for you!

4. Smart Speakers

Photo by Jan Kolar / VUI Designer on Unsplash

Smart Speakers are in so many homes now. And, they’re popular for a very good reason. Smart Speakers do almost anything, from displaying recipes to turning off every light in the house. They can keep the kids entertained, be used for online shopping, or stream your favourite music. They can wake you up, tell you the weather and alert you to traffic jams or train delays. At least 1 in 4 people in the UK and US are now said to own a smart speaker.

We could only dream about this technology a decade ago, but it’s now transforming our homes and changing the way we live.

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