February 9, 2020

I managed four consecutive weeks of The Ordinary Moments before taking a time out. Last week was busy, was pretty full on and I just needed some time out.

It wasn’t just work that got in the way, I mean a full time job, parenting, life and then adding a blog into the mix is hard to juggle sometimes. Life just got in the way. I’ll be honest, parenting tested me last week, and most evenings were consumed in trying to work out what was best for my eldest, Gracie. So I just needed time out.

Being an eleven year old is hard work. I am Not 100% sure when she grew up. It sort of just happened and I seem to have a young tween in front of me.  She makes me so proud. It’s bloody hard being a parent and when someone hurts the thing you love the most it makes you so angry. It’s bloody horrible. She’s made of tough stuff though and although she struggles, she has a good head on those little shoulders of hers. She will always be my baby girl, and I will always want to protect her

So I stepped back and looked after the people that are important to me. Time out is definitely needed sometimes. It gives you time to think and time to adjust to new things that are consuming every day life.

If you want to find out more about The Ordinary Moments, the pop over to Donna’s blog here

The Ordinary Moments

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